Elizabeth Gollan – Dance

Elizabeth Gollan was trained by Frances Paterson in Edinburgh, Scotland in Highland, Ballet and Tap. She is a Life Member of the BATD, a Fellow of the SDTA and UKA and is also co-director of the Paterson School of Dancing where she has taught for almost 30 years.  Elizabeth also teaches regularly in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Elizabeth has trained dancers who have won all championship titles in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, as well as the North American championship and the SOBHD UK Champion of Champions.
Having spent 27 years working in the Finance Sector, Elizabeth changed job direction in 2016 and is now Director of Administration of the SOBHD.  She is a member of the SOBHD Quality Assurance, Website and Rules Committees and is the current convenor of the SOBHD Organisers Committee meetings in the UK.
Elizabeth is honoured to have been asked to instruct at the Ohio Scottish Arts School and hopes everyone has a great week.
*2018 Travel Expenses Sponsored by The Caledonian Society of Cincinnati*

Mary Beth Klein – Dance

Mary Beth Klein began dancing at the age of 10 in Kansas City. With no certified teachers in area, she had to travel once a month for lessons to Jean Forbes (Dallas) and Betty Lawrence (Oklahoma). At the age of 12 she began taking from Sheila Mittig (Michigan) and remained with her throughout her career. During her competitive years, she won numerous awards including the Juvenile and Junior World Championships at Cowal.
Upon completing high school, Mary Beth received a full scholarship to Univ of Iowa to teach Iowa Scottish Highlanders.  She completed her education and graduated from the Univ of Missouri with a BA in Dance and a separate BA in Physical Education/Health. In addition to teaching Highland, she taught in the public school systems for many years before running Highland X Press from 1996-2016.
Mary Beth has been teaching for over 40 years and is a life time member of BATD and a member of SDTA. Due to her husband’s job which required relocating every 2-5 years, Mary Beth has been able to share her love of Highland teaching in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Las Vegas, & Texas while conducting workshops in other states. Her permanent home is now in San Antonio, Texas.

Joy Tolev – Dance

Joy (Allen) Tolev started dancing at the age of 3 under the instruction of Mrs. Evelyn Murray in Toronto, Ontario.  During her competitive days she successfully competed in many highland dance competitions and championships throughout Canada and the United States.
She has been teaching at her own school of highland dancing in Toronto for the past 30 years and has produced many dancers of high caliber who have captured titles in various championships including the Ontario, Canadian, Scottish, Commonwealth and World Championships.   There have been over 25 Canadian Championship Titles, many Scottish and Commonwealth Championship titles and runner-ups, and a World Champion who holds 10 World Titles.
She is a Fellow and Examiner of the B.A.T.D., North American Co-ordinator of the B.A.T.D., and adjudicator on the S.O.B.H.D. Judges panel.
Joy teaches annually at the Ohio Scottish Arts School which is a week camp in June, the Delco Workshop in February and travels across Canada, United States, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, judging, examining and conducting workshops.

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