2017 Highland Dance Class
We will emphasize the importance of proper warm-ups and stretches as well as cool downs to keep in condition. Daily classes will include basic technique in all levels. Championship steps will be reviewed thoroughly in the Intermediate and Premier classes. One Highland dance will be taught each day with general review on the last morning. National dances will also be taught each day at all levels with a general review on the last morning. We will also be teaching theory in all levels every day in regular classes.
It is mandatory that each student arrive in top physical condition! Students must begin to increase their practice time in the months PRIOR to the start of School. It is imperative students be able to dance for 45-minutes four times a day. By increasing strength and stamina before arriving at the School injuries will be prevented.
Medal Tests in Highland/National Dancing
The Ohio Scottish Arts School is pleased to be able to offer BATD Highland and National Medal Tests and Grade Examinations. These tests will be given the morning of Sunday, June 24, 2018. The Medal Test Form will be available to download from the Registration Page beginning in March 2018.  Medal Test fees are non-refundable!
Highland Teacher Training
Teacher training in Highland will be offered every afternoon for those interested in preparing for Professional exams. This class requires an additional fee. Please see the Registration page.

About our 2018 Highland Dance Instructors

Instructors for 2018 have yet to be determined