We’re excited to announce that OSAS 2020 is going online!

We will have 3-4 sessions per day from Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 3, 2020. The morning session will have 2 sessions beginning at 9am with a half- hour break. After lunch, there will be another session, group lectures and/or one-on-one sessions. More specific details for your art/class will be explained by your instructor(s) and depends on enrollment.
Tuition for this special week is $250 (includes $200 non-refundable deposit).
Please note that class sizes are LIMITED. Registration deadline EXTENDED to June 8, 2020.  Here is the link to the online registration form.

A video invite to join us from Graham Brown

Here’s a short video on Tachum Development by Barry Conway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJNpWorfL4c

Hope to see you June 29-July 3, 2020!



Thoughts from our OSAS Clan…

Our 2020 Instructors:

Fiddle – Alasdair White
Harp – Rachel Clemente, Rachel Hair, Jen Narkevicius and Sue Richards
Highland Dance – Jennifer Miller, Alison Plemmons and Joy Tolev
Pipes – Barry Conway, Andrew Duncan, Ben Elliot, Craig Munro, Palmer Shonk and Laureano Thomas-Sanchez
Drums: Snare – Graham Brown and Tenor/Bass – Andrew Elliott