The Ohio Scottish Arts School celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2018!! That’s 40 years of promoting the arts and culture of Scotland, 40 years of music and dance, 40 years of fun and silliness, 40 years of learning and laughing.

Over these 40 years OSAS has influenced many students! Many have gone on to become professional musicians, teachers, judges or performers. Some have gone on to send their kids to OSAS. Some have gone on with an increased appreciation of the music and arts of Scotland.  ALL have gone on with fond memories of summer weeks filled with fun!

As we look back on these 40 years we are looking to our former students to help sustain our mission for those students to come over the next 40 years.  By contributing the ongoing success of OSAS will be cemented.  We will be able to continue to offer instruction in dancing, drumming, fiddling, harping and piping to those students yet to come.

Our School is unique in that we offer instruction in multiple Arts.  It allows pipers to interact with dancers, harpers to learn from drummers, fiddlers to work with harpers and jam sessions that are beyond amazing.  Whatever you can contribute will help us continue to offer programs that will allow these collaborations to continue and thrive!

As a 501(c)(3), your donation will be entirely tax deductible.  We are asking you to reflect on the joy experienced at OSAS!  Remember the skills enhanced, the tunes/dances learned, and, most importantly, the friendships formed!!  $40 (or any amount) is a small contribution to support future students in their quest for skills, learning and friendships!!

You may either make your donation by PayPal:

or mail a check or money order to:
Ohio Scottish Arts School
c/o Pam Kilpatrick, SACSO Treasurer
2750 Jameston Drive
Rocky River, OH 44116-3649

Thanks for being part of the Ohio Scottish Arts School family and for support our ongoing mission to support the arts and culture of Scotland.

Thank you to the following donors!

as of June 6, 2018

Pam Kilpatrick
Ruth Pearce
Dave Spindle
Jen Narkevicius
Eleanor Truckel
Tom Peeples
Liam Bradley-Tonchev
Bruce Brooks
Steve Schack
Barbara Costello
Jody Roliff
Molly May
Derek Marshall
Seamus Bonte
Morgan Frantz
Ali Crownover
Michele McBride
Jon Lilley
Cathy Caldwell
Mike, Abby and Tom McCollum
Andrew McNamara
Evan McBride
Linda Keathley-Stamey
Debbie Doty
Therese Honey
Steven Myers Jr.
David Land
Kelcey Land
Margaret Callander
Scott Borah
John Douglas “J.D.” Beattie
Missy Gentry
Sarah Clark

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