Q. What are the dates for the Ohio Scottish Arts School?
A. The Ohio Scottish Arts School always begins on the 4th Saturday of June (after the Ohio Scottish Games) and continues for 6 days ending on the following Friday (unless it is the 4th of July when we end our week on Thursday).
In 2024, the dates will be Saturday, June 22 – Friday, June 28
In 2025, the dates will be Saturday, July 28 – Thursday, July 3
In 2026, the dates will be Saturday, July 27 – Friday, July 3

Q. How old do I have to be to attend OSAS?
A. We require our students to be 10 years old the day before the first day of OSAS.  Although for Harp and Fiddle, we recommended students be at least 12 years old.

Q. How many adults attend OSAS?
A. About 50% are 18 and older.

Q. What are the dorms like at OSAS?
A.  We are housed in 2 dorms that are close to the Dining hall and most of the classrooms. *dorm(s) for 2024 have yet to be determined

Q. What are the dorm rooms like at OSAS?
A. Most of our minor students share a double room. Each room has a window, 2 single beds, 2 desks & chairs, 2 chests of drawers and 2 closets.

Q. How old do I have to be to have a single room?
A. You must be over 18 years old the day before the first day of OSAS.

Q. My spouse & I would like to attend. Can we share a room?
A. We have a few double rooms for couples in an adult co-ed section.

Q. My brother(s) and sister(s) are attending. Can we share a room?
A. Yes and No. Boys and Girls have separate rooms and floors but brothers can room with brothers and sisters can room with sisters.

Q. More than one family member is attending. Is there a sibling/family discount?
A. No. Unfortunately, we are charged per student.

Q. Are the dorms air conditioned?
A. We are still working with BW on the dorms for 2024.  

Q. Can we bring fans?
A. YES – fans are on are “What to Bring” list that will be provided in your Welcome Letter once your final payment has been received.

Q. Is WIFI available?
A. Yes, there is free WIFI.

Q. Do I need to complete the medication form for Prescriptions if I am an adult?
A. No, the Prescription medication form is only for those students under the age of 18.

Q. If I have a private room, how secure will it be, assuming that I remember to lock my door?
A. Single rooms only have one door and they do lock. We have a master key if you happen to lock yourself out.

Q. What if I don’t have a Highland outfit?
A. The outfit is only for the big group photo. You need to wear your OSAS shirt for the photo.

Q. Can I take more than one course at OSAS?
A. Since the classes are very intensive, you need to choose one discipline for the week.

Q. Our plans have changed and cannot attend OSAS. Is the deposit refundable?
A. Our withdraw policy clearly states that the deposit is non-refundable.

Q. Do you have to compete at the Ohio Scottish Games to attend OSAS?
A. NO, you don’t have to compete to attend.

Q. If I’m not a competitor, do I need to buy a ticket to the attend the Ohio Scottish Games?
A. Yes, you need to buy a ticket if you aren’t a competitor.

Q. If you attend OSAS, are you registered to compete at the Ohio Scottish Games?
A. NO. Participation in the Games requires separate registration. Registration for the OSAS does not automatically qualify you to compete in the Games.

Q. I’m competing at the Games, can I stay in the dorms?
A. The rooms are only available to students who are registered for the Ohio Scottish Arts School.

Q. I’m a day student, do I have to attend the Welcome Reception on Saturday evening?
A. YES. The Welcome Reception is when we distribute the information with your name tag, schedule, class locations and other important details for the week. It doesn’t last very long but gives everyone a chance to meet the instructors, staff and other students.

Q. Does the school allow for more than one scholarship per student?
A. Yes. However, scholarship money is not refundable to the student.

Q. Who do I make the check out to?
A. Please make your check out to: Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio, Inc. or SACSO, Inc.

Q. Do I have to complete all questions on the registration forms?
A. Yes. Forgetting an answer may delay your acceptance and some classes fill before the final deadline date.

Q. I’m coming alone for my first year at OSAS, how are roommates assigned?
A. We try to assign rooms based on age and class (dancer, piper, etc.).

Q. I want to room with my friends at OSAS. Will we be put together?
A. If you all request to be together, we try to honor your request based on room availability. *Quads and Triples are not available.

Q. What is the food like in the cafeteria?
A. There are several different selections available at breakfast, lunch and dinner including vegetarian meals. The students may eat as little or as much as they would like.

Q. How much money should I send with my child?
A. All meals and snacks are included in the tuition. There are vending machines in the dorm for pop & snacks and we sometimes have special OSAS items for sale in the evenings. You may deposit spending money with the Director at check-in. OSAS WILL NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR ANY MONEY OR OTHER VALUABLES LOST FROM DORMITORY ROOMS.

Q. Do I have to pay a late fee?
A. Any registration or final payment received after our final due date in May needs to include the late fee.

Q. What time do we retrieve our students from OSAS on the last day?
A. The morning class ends at noon and students are free to check-out beginning at 12:30pm. Usually everyone is gone by 2pm.

Q. We plan to arrive on Friday, where should we go to check in?
A. The early check-in information is included in your welcome letter. You need to be on our early check-in list to receive your key.

Q. How large are the classes?
A. We try to keep the classes between 8-12 students per instructor.

Q. What activities are available to fill free time?
A. We have planned activities each evening from 7-9pm. In the previous years, we have had a scavenger hunt, a Highland fun & games night, Olympics, a Talent Show, a Tartan Ball, Scottish sing-a-long, a Birthday party, an Instructors Concert, make your own ice cream sundaes, cookie night, etc. If they don’t take part in the activities, students are having music jam sessions in the dorm lounge(s), playing sports, playing cards/games, watching TV or just hanging out.

Q. Is there a curfew?
A. Yes. Students under 18 follow a lights out schedule: age 10-13 at 10:00pm, age 14-17 at 11:00pm.

Q. How much adult supervision is there in the evenings?
A. Adults/Counselors are always walking around the building and send the kids to bed at their curfew. In the rooms, students can stay awake if they want but they usually go right to bed, because they know at 7am they will be waking up to the pipes.

Q. If I fly into Cleveland to attend OSAS, is there a way to rent a harp?
A. We usually can give you the contact information to arrange for a rental from a local harp maker of small lever harps.

Q. Does a year of Pipe lessons give her enough experience to do well at camp?
A. The main goal of OSAS is to teach and improve skills. We have many beginner pipers and they are placed in classes with students at similar skill levels.

Q. I only know a few of tunes. Is this a problem?
A. No…you will probably get to learn some more plus take home some new music!

Q. Are there other teenage girls in pipes and drums?
A. Yes. The number of girl students have been increasing in recent years.

Q. Will there be adult women pipers and drummers around, or is this a “guy thing”?
A. Yes, we have many adult females attend.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. A list will be provided in your Welcome Letter once your final payment has been received.

Q. Is there a laundry room available?
A. Yes, they are available in the dorms.

Q. Do I need to bring sheets and towels?
A. Each room comes with 2 sheets, blanket, pillow, pillow case, small towel and mid-size towel.  You may prefer to bring your own – bed is a twin long.