Scholarship recipients attending the 2022 Ohio Scottish Arts School

The Ohio Scottish Arts School encourages students to pursue funding from groups in their area. Many pipe bands, Scottish associations, and Clans have supported students by giving them monies to be applied to the fees associated with the Ohio Scottish Arts School.  Please send all scholarship monies and recipient’s name(s) to:

Ohio Scottish Arts School
c/o Pam Kilpatrick, SACSO Treasurer
2750 Jameston Drive
Rocky River, OH 44116

OSAS is able to award various scholarships at the conclusion of the week each year. The recipients are determined by the OSAS instructors based on certain criteria.  Scholarships are non-transferable.

Following is a brief description of each scholarship.

• The Cathy Caldwell Aspiring Highland Teacher Scholarship Award for a dance student enrolled in Teacher Training for the first year that demonstrates enthusiasm, knowledge and leadership with regard to teaching Highland dance. *sponsored by St. Andrew’s Society of Dayton  (not awarded in 2022)
• The Bob Callander Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to a piper who demonstrates perseverance, dedication and development over the course of the week.  *sponsored by Margaret Callander estate
• The Callander Achievement Award is given to a dancer, for the following year, who shows leadership, dedication and development over the week.  *sponsored by Margaret Callander estate
• The Jack Robertson Scholarship is awarded to someone who is passionate about playing pipes.
• The Walter Gorsica Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student 17 and under that shows dedication to the pipes.  *sponsored by Fiona Thomas and Laureano Thomas-Sanchez
• The Royal Canadian Legion Post 54 Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to a student showing the most progress at the OSAS in each of the arts Drums, Fiddle, Harp, Highland Dance and Pipes.
• The Dr. Andrew Turner Memorial Scholarship is awarded to two (2) deserving harpers.  *sponsored by the Turner Family
• The Out“Stan”ding Thistle Award – In Memory of Stan Needles is given to a deserving student that has shown the spirit of Stan Needles by assisting the Thistle Staff however needed during the Ohio Scottish Arts School. *sponsored by the Thistle Clan (not awarded in 2022)

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Royal Canadian Legion Post 54 Memorial Scholarships:

Dance – Kamden Nestor, Fiddle – Haylie Ryan, Drums – Carolin Stonier, Pipes – Reece Calovini, Not shown: Harp – Jo Morrison

 Dunvegan Foundation Clan MacLeod Scholarships:

front: Emma Dorman – Fiddle, Sarah Middlemiss – Harp, Rylie Valley – Snare Drum, Gabrielle Neal – Pipes back: Emily Urso – Harp, Dan Ross – Tenor/Bass Drum, Brody Alexander – Pipes, Stevie Hyde – Pipes, Jennilyn Oster – Pipes Not shown: Karen Babb – Harp, Cheryl Rice – Fiddle, Steve Schack – Harp 

Dance Scholarships:

Harp Scholarships:

Andrew Turner Memorial Scholarships – Sarah McIntosh, Elena Crawford


Piping Scholarships: