Drums – OSAS 2023


All Students are expected to bring their own instrument.

Snare Drum
Drummers will learn:
• Reading (basic note values to complex patterns. Score reading and writing)
• Rhythm (with and without sticking, syncopation and independence)
• Rudiments (beginner/intermediate)
• Advanced rudiments (applying rudiments to musical lines)
• Pipe band rhythms with background info and exercises for each (MSR and medley tunes)
• Tone and maintenance of the snare drum (bring your drum)
• Beginner to advanced solo or band drum scores
• Ensemble playing with the other sections

Tenor/Bass Drum
Tenor/Bass drummers will learn:
• Flourishing (four basic flourishes; all flourishes on EUSPBA recommended flourish symbol list)
• Music theory (note values, simple vs. compound time, dot and cut, rhythm patterns of different types of tunes and time signatures)
• Improving transitional flow between flourish and rhythm playing
• Tone and maintenance of the tenor drum (bring your drum)
• Beginner to advanced solo or band midsection scores
• Ensemble playing with the other sections

About our 2024 Drum Instructors

Please Note:  Instructor(s) are subject to change based on enrollment
Grant Maxwell – Snare Drum

Snare Drum:  Grant Maxwell is the lead drummer of the Vale United Pipe Band in Penticton, BC.  He previously played with the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, winning 2 World Pipe Band Championships and 3 World Drum Corps Championships.  Grant is a successful solo competitor and competes regularly locally, internationally and online.  He is the current World Online Drumming Champion, winning the grand aggregate award for 2022.

Owen Russell – Tenor/Bass Drum

Tenor/Bass Drum:  Owen Russell is excited to return to OSAS as an instructor.  He first attended OSAS as a student in 2003.  Owen is a tenor drummer in the renowned Simon Fraser University Pipe Band from Vancouver, British Columbia.  At the 2022 World Pipe Band Championships, Owen and the SFUPB received the Best Drum Corps Award.  He loves teaching students of all ages and abilities and looks forward to teaching this summer!