OSAS Fiddle Class 2022

All Students are expected to bring their own instrument.

Playing pipe tunes on the fiddle

Alasdair says he often get asked about playing pipe tunes. He played the pipes when he was younger, and he’s spent his career playing with pipers and interpreting the pipe music he loves on the fiddle.

In this class, you’ll cover some classic pipe tunes from the Hebrides and how to interpret them in a way that sounds both natural on the fiddle and is faithful to the piping tradition. If you haven’t played highland pipe music before, or even if you don’t have a specific interest in this area, fear not! There will be plenty of techniques that can be applied to many other fiddle styles too.

It often pays to be specific, so in addition to repertoire, lessons will address elements such as sharpening up your left hand ornaments, making your bowing stylistic, or maybe getting your fluidity back in faster tunes after a year in lockdown, depending on the wishes of the class.

All classes will be accompanied by recorded and annotated written materials.

About our Fiddle Instructor (our 2023 Instructors to be announced soon!)

Please Note:  Instructor(s) are subject to change based on enrollment